We hope this message finds you all well.

We currently find ourselves in unprecedented times and I am sure we all feel the unimportance of sport at present.

However we still feel it is appropriate to inform you all of the clubs current position to help ease any fears regarding the stability of the club.

Like any other business we are facing some challenges, these challenges in the most are due to the current seasons uncertainty and future planning. However, unlike most clubs and businesses at present we find ourselves in a unique position financially due to the investors I bought to the club.  They have secured the clubs future to the extent that Covid 19 is unable to suppress any of our plans.

Whilst the plan at this moment remains “business as usual” as soon as we are able we have to consider that things like the pitch installation and dressing room improvements may well have to be postponed, this will be purely down to the league uncertainty, the current and next seasons commitments as well as the capabilities of the supply chain and service providers. However £250,000 of improvements excluding the pitch are still scheduled to take place this summer and will not be impacted by any fixture congestion.

Since taking over the club in October myself along with the financial backers Dave and Andrew have worked tirelessly to ensure that the future of this football club is secure. This current situation only shows how far we have come when an epidemic of this magnitude cannot impact on our plans for next season and beyond. We are really looking forward to what the future holds and the developments moving forward will be a complete game changer.

We are fully aware how the current crisis is affecting other clubs but rest assured we are financially debt free and secure with all staff and players to be paid as normal, with no changes to key plans. We will see this through, continue with the developments and add quality to the first team squad in preparation for the 2020-21 season.

Please keep yourself and your families safe, follow government guidelines and once this is over we look forward to welcoming you back to the New Manor Ground to start the “new era”.

Mark Clifford